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  • August 15, 2013 14:36

    GD Farewell Tour

    Looking forward to the farewell September dates in the UK. Come see me at the following venues:

    Thursday 12th September- Nation of Shopkeepers, Leeds
    Friday 13th September- The Deaf Institute, Manchester
    Saturday 14th September- The Kazimier, Liverpool
    Monday 16th September- The Cluny, Newcastle
    Tuesday 17th September- Borderline, London
    Wednesday 18th September- The Fleece, Bristol
    Thursday 19th September- Green Door Store, Brighton

    Tickets available from www.seetickets.com

    and don’t forget the IndieGoGo campaign needs funding so bad!

  • August 15, 2013 14:35

    Help Fund The Farewell Tour Pretty Please!


  • August 08, 2013 05:11

    Giant Drag Farewell Tour is NEXT MONTH!!!

    I can’t believe it! As the Giant Drag curse begins to unfold again I am reminded of why this will be the Farewell Tour. There is a very cool final show/wake getting put together as the very last show of the very last tour, to take place in London. If you are a Giant Drag Super Friend then you are in luck because this show is going to be intimate and exclusive entry. You must have already purchased version 2 or 3 of the Shredding Leeds Live in England LP on vinyl or otherwise earned your membership card. No purchases of the Live LP past todays date are eligible but if you want tickets I will post again soon about how you can attain them. It really is going to be a bittersweet day but there is death and there is birth and thats the circle of life, am I right ladies?
    Speaking of Leeds
    Due to a double booking at the Brudenell, the show in Leeds has been moved. The date is now:

    Thu 12.09.13 Nation of Shopkeepers, Leeds, UK.

    Ticket price is the same.
    Seeya soon UK.

  • April 07, 2013 01:52

    New Styles


  • April 07, 2013 01:46

    Giant Drag's Waking Up Is Hard To Do Available NOW

    Have you bought your copy of Waking Up Is Hard To Do yet? It’s for sale exclusively at anniehardy.bandcamp.com and if you buy the deluxe edition for $15 you get that album with a digital booklet containing a foreword written by Joe Cardamone, extra photos, lyrics, a thank you list that you yourself may well be on and a bonus EP of the 4 track demos that Joe Cardamone and I recorded in 2007 in his living room. The demos that kept the dream of finishing this album alive for seven long years!
    Yeah! Right Records will be releasing Waking Up on vinyl and I have made a short run of CDs but as of right now you can only win one via me.
    Hope you are all doing well and more than that I hope you’ll come over to
    fullpsychorecords.com and see what all the commotions about!




  • March 05, 2013 04:20

    Giant Drag's Waking Up Is Hard To Do to be Released Tomorrow

    Exclusively at anniehardy.bandcamp.com



  • March 04, 2013 05:20

    Giant Drag's Long-Awaited Second Studio Album is FINALLY Coming Out in A FewHours!

    So it wasn’t the best PR move or in best interest for my career in general but I decided to stop talking about Giant Drag’s album Waking Up Is Hard To Do until something was happening. People who talk about shit but never have anything to show for it are the worst, so I put my head down and started working. I found it somewhat easy to concentrate on work with most people I’ve ever been friends with for some reason thinking I am still living in Orange County…. Nope I have been in LA since May of last year, I was just a little too psycho to tell you about it! So yeah, I am back here in LA, doing my thing, seeing what works and what doesn’t for the new me and wouldn’t you know it, Giant Drag might be living up to it’s nU grunge, bummer of a (brilliant) name and all signs point to a nice change of musical pace for me. I can’t fake it, I don’t want to. Giant Drag has felt like one big lonely abscessed tooth that needed to be pulled to make way for a colony of new, better, whiter, faster, catchier teeth to take it’s place. I know some of those characteristics don’t apply to teeth but humor me, I’ve been working like a dog with Ann Jones day in and out.
    Things are getting better, I am building a new empire in Full Psycho so don’t be sad that after this long-time-coming album is released Giant Drag will be a thing of the past, instead lets look towards the future which, for once is sort of bright and not just there waiting for me under a Seattle-y hue of grey nu grunge misery. If you would like to keep up on my future musical endeavors I suggest you visit www.fullpsychorecords.com where me and my friends will be doing all sorts of cool shit like releasing more records, making videos and even making crafts! We also have a message board where we can all talk to each other and do cool shit together. Please come say hi! I’ll be finally revealing the true “Kevin Is Gay” meaning on there soon…
    If you feel you have been overlooked and should be a part of the board’s Super Friends Club (like if you’ve bought me some pedal in the past or otherwise been a super friend, donated to the cause that is this record thats coming out) please tell us, we forget stuff and shit is hectic so email fullpsychorecords@gmail.com and we can hook your ass up.
    So back to this record, it’s coming out exclusively on anniehardy.bandcamp.com Tuesday, March 5th. There’s going to be a regular version and then the Deluxe Edition which I strongly suggest you buy for only $5 more, you get the “What I Know About Nothing: 2007 Acoustic Demos” also recorded and produced by Joe Cardamone, as well as the foreword he wrote, the lyrics, the special photos and Thank You list & something else I feel I’m forgetting… Oh well, it happens. Shit happens, right? This year has been the most happenin’, shitty year of my life and things are looking up for once so I bet I’m going to die soon. Maybe not though. Regardless, I really want to thank everyone who has been a fan, member, lover, hater, compadre and otherwise supporter of Giant Drag and me personally. I couldn’t have made it to this point without each and every one of you and I would hate to have to carry on without you so please, even if you think I wouldn’t notice you in your absence, I would. If you think I forgot about your grab bag, I didn’t. If you wonder if I really care or not, I do (but I’d like to one day not) because without you there is no me. Without me and Micah there is no Giant Drag but there is Annie Hardy and the Psychos and PnP… Plus you never know, everything can change in a day but this is the plan for now.
    So thank you again from the bottom of my heart for your unwavering friendship and support and lets keep fighting the good fight while everyone else just talks about their lunch of Facebook.
    Forever Your Girl,
    Annie Hardy

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