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  • August 04, 2014 10:09

    Patreon Pledge of $1 gets you on Team Full Psycho and Helps GD book studio time for LP3!

    It appears to be that time again where I ask for a handout isn’t it? Yup, yes it is. Paul AT told me about Patreon, for people who make lots of content they ask their fans to pledge $1 or more per release in hopes of making more than 1,100 odd dollars on their tax return for 2014!

    In all seriousness, I love what I do and that I get to do whatever inspiration strikes me to do at any given moment and I really love that I have a small audience of people who love and support what I do. I just hate that my ass is on food stamps because I am severely below the poverty level. I’m making homeless people look rich over here, but hey enough about my love life. I’d appreciate a $1 pledge from anyone who is down to help.

    And may I add, slowly but surely Indiegogo perks still trickle out. I am the only person who lost money on an Indiegogo by not asking for shipping & handling. Genius, I know. But these perks are all non-physical and you can even pledge $10 and join the illustrious Demo’s Club which finds you on the receiving end of ever single demo I record and I record all new songs that flop out of me.

    Revolutionizing the music industry again in a way that Trent Reznor may copy and get all the credit for again? Quite possibly. Mostly I’m just trying to pay for Giant Drag to book two measly days of basic tracking in a studio for the third studio album. Is that so much to ask pathetic frowny face?

    Thank you all. Please visit the link for more info.

  • August 01, 2014 05:02

    Wish there was a way to update the look of this website

    But since theres not please take a look at something on the newer side of Giant Drag from the new Band Car EP available only at AnnieHardy.Bandcamp.com this is the new video for “Battle Cry” directed by Annie Hardy

  • July 25, 2014 06:10

    Giant Drag: Back From the Dead AKA GIANT DRAG ZOMBIES

    Well the GD Farewell Tour didn’t quite go as expected… It was the most wonderful life-changing experience of my lifetime which really brought to my attention the reason I do this crap to begin with, its for you guys, not me! And so I am meant to be made absolutely miserable while the GD curse follows me around the world any and everywhere I go! I can take it man, as long as you guys keep showing up at the shows. So it was very excitedly that I returned to America (after being robbed by an insider and then stranded at LHR for 7 hours) and came together with Bobby Vega (drummer extraordinaire of Stab City fame) and most recently added Alvin DeGuzman (multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire of The Icarus Line and Yard Dog) and made the most amazing line up of Giant Drag since the original. This version 3.0 really shreds and if you come to one of our many local shows that are usually free you run the risk of leaving with a missing penis after we rock so hard it comes off.
    Well we would like to get into the studio soon to record LP3 which is truly going to be beyond amazing. I am a fan now, didn’t used to be honestly but am now. So the same old money problems persist while not on Interscope Records. If you’d like to help us out, please check out our Patreon thing at Patreon.com/AnnieHardy and while packages for Indiegogo Perks still slowly trickle out, know that this Patreon shit involves NO PHYSICAL GOODS so nobody will be disappointed when I accidentally don’t ask for S&H and become the only person to lose money on an Indiegogo fundraiser #giantdragcurse in full effect ya’ll.
    Okay, I hope you all welcome this resurrection of Giant Drag with open hearts, arms and legs. Thank you so much.
    xo Annie

  • August 15, 2013 14:36

    GD Farewell Tour

    Looking forward to the farewell September dates in the UK. Come see me at the following venues:

    Thursday 12th September- Nation of Shopkeepers, Leeds
    Friday 13th September- The Deaf Institute, Manchester
    Saturday 14th September- The Kazimier, Liverpool
    Monday 16th September- The Cluny, Newcastle
    Tuesday 17th September- Borderline, London
    Wednesday 18th September- The Fleece, Bristol
    Thursday 19th September- Green Door Store, Brighton

    Tickets available from www.seetickets.com

    and don’t forget the IndieGoGo campaign needs funding so bad!

  • August 15, 2013 14:35

    Help Fund The Farewell Tour Pretty Please!


  • August 08, 2013 05:11

    Giant Drag Farewell Tour is NEXT MONTH!!!

    I can’t believe it! As the Giant Drag curse begins to unfold again I am reminded of why this will be the Farewell Tour. There is a very cool final show/wake getting put together as the very last show of the very last tour, to take place in London. If you are a Giant Drag Super Friend then you are in luck because this show is going to be intimate and exclusive entry. You must have already purchased version 2 or 3 of the Shredding Leeds Live in England LP on vinyl or otherwise earned your membership card. No purchases of the Live LP past todays date are eligible but if you want tickets I will post again soon about how you can attain them. It really is going to be a bittersweet day but there is death and there is birth and thats the circle of life, am I right ladies?
    Speaking of Leeds
    Due to a double booking at the Brudenell, the show in Leeds has been moved. The date is now:

    Thu 12.09.13 Nation of Shopkeepers, Leeds, UK.

    Ticket price is the same.
    Seeya soon UK.

  • April 07, 2013 01:52

    New Styles


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